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We adapt our processes, operations, employee training, and above all, our relations with business partners to global market requirements. By ensuring the agreed quality, we satisfy the needs of our customers.

We reduce total costs, thereby enabling the activation of a greater part of the funds in new technologies and equipment. For us, quality is not just a technical concept, it is our way of thinking and acting, which has always started and been confirmed by satisfied customers.


Critical To Quality

Every parameter is important, however with distinguishing from CRITICAL(CC) and SIGNIFICANT (SC) control points, we divide our focus on several levels of quality, giving more emphasis on CRITICAL which are crucial for final product MTBF.. These parameters are monitored more often and with more detail, however we do not neglect SIGNIFICANT points which contribute to overall quality assurance.

CTQ conformity control is in accordance with valid standards for pull-out and push-in forces of connector/conductor presses with the computer-supported measuring system Mecesin Multi Test 2.5i. Cross-sectional micrograph of prints with C-Tec computerized equipment - ML 3020.

Equipment available:

  • Mecesin Multi Test 2.5i

  • C-Tec  ML 3020

  • Checkline Europe FMT-100WT

  • Varius purpose build testing modules


Crimp Force Analizer

CFALab Software lets us download the important data generated with crimp force analysis CFA and CFA+ from the crimp module on all of our Komax machines and analyse it on a separate computer. Production continues without interruption.

CFAlab presents all results for crimping in diagram form, allowing easy analysis and quick optimisation of CFA and CFA+ parameters. Production rejects are successfully reduced in the process. We can simulate different settings with the software.


It delivers quick, straightforward results based on the previously collected data. Following successful optimisation, the parameters for the module are updated to boost production quality and throughput even further.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification enhances our company's credibility in the marketplace. It serves as a testament to our commitment to quality, demonstrating to clients, partners, and stakeholders that we adhere to international standards in our operations. The standard's emphasis on data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring allows us to identify areas for improvement and take proactive measures to address them. This not only enhances the robustness of our internal processes but also positions our company competitively in the industry, opening up new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Overall, ISO 9001 has become a cornerstone in our pursuit of excellence, providing a structured and effective means to ensure quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business success.

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